HBN-SSI Data ReleaseΒΆ

The HBN-SSI data release contains MRI data and basic phenotypic information (age, sex, handedness). The following scans are included for each subject:

  • T1 Weighted MPRAGE
  • T2 Weighted FLAIR
  • Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging (64 Directions, b values = 1000, 2000 s/mm2)
  • Resting Functional (TR = 1450ms, Duration = 10min Multiband)
  • Inscapes Functional (TR = 1450ms, Duration = 10min Multiband)
  • Movie Segment Functional (TR = 1450ms, Duration = 10min Multiband)
  • Flanker Task Functional (TR = 1450ms, Duration = 10min Multiband)
  • Feature Length Movie Functional (TR = 1450ms, Duration = ~100min Multiband)

Anonymized image data is available in NIfTI file format. Each scan folder also includes a JSON file containing information on scan parameters and file provenance (any changes made to the image since it came out of the scanner).

Downloading HBN-SSI Data from the FCP-INDI S3 Bucket

The Healthy Brain Network Serial Scanning data are available for download in an Amazon Web Services S3 bucket. These data are currently organized as follows:

  • RawDataTars : Raw data compressed with Gzip.
  • PhenotypicData : Phenotypic data for participants (i.e., age, sex, handedness) stored in csv files.
  • RawDataBIDS : Raw data organized in the BIDS format. Since BIDS makes provisions for phenotypic and data collected during scanning (physiological,event-related), this data is also included in this folder in addition to the MRI series NifTIs. DICOMs are not included.

Each file in the S3 bucket can only be accessed using HTTP (i.e., no ftp or scp ). You can obtain a URL for each desired file and then download it using an HTTP client such as a web browser, wget, or curl. Each file can only be accessed using its literal name- wildcards will not work.

There are file transfer programs that can handle S3 natively and will allow you to navigate through the data using a file browser. Cyberduck is one such program that works with Windows and Mac OS X. Cyberduck also has a command line version that works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Instructions for using Cyberduck are as follows:

  1. Open Cyberduck and click on Open Connection.
  2. Set the application protocol in the dropdown menu to S3 (Amazon Simple Storage Service).
  3. Set the server to s3.amazonaws.com.
  4. Check the box labelled Anonymous Login.
  5. Expand the More Options tab and set Path to fcp-indi/data/Projects/HBNSSI/.
  6. Click Connect.

The end result should appear as follows:


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